Hitschler (NOT Hitler) Dragierte Brause Bonbons – Once Again, We’re Screwed By Germany.

Really? ANOTHER great candy that we can't get in America???

Reviewed by Jonny

May 18, 2010

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I deliberated as to whether or not I should review these things, as I KNEW that procuring them would be a near impossible task for you sad sacks.  And I say sad sacks with a lot of love, being one myself.

They’re from my German pal, and they’re flipping fantastic:

Being the non-German reading dude that I am, I had no way of knowing what these little lovelies were all about. A traditional hard candy? Chew? Sour? No? Only one way to find out, right? Take a gander:

All mysteries were solved as I put the first one in my mouth (“That’s what SHE said!”). These are pretty unique, at least for America. They’re dextrose candies-think Sweetarts-in a very light candy shell. Only…that’s not where the fun stops. They’re also an “effervescent” candy. That means bubbly (think “Zots” or fizzy candies like that).

The combination of the pressed dextrose and the fizz just kicks major American ass-at least, it kicked mine. Another interesting note about them is that these candies aren’t “sour” per se, but there’s a nice sour effect you get from the combination of the slightly tart dextrose and the effervescence. Yum.

As soon as I tasted a few (then the whole bag, in one sitting), I tried to search out a comparable candy that we can get around these parts, but it’s not in the cards for us.  DAMN YOU, AMERICA!!

(Side note: I’m sure in Germany, having a company name like “Hitschler” means absolutely nothing to anyone, and doesn’t summon thoughts of Adolf Hitler, scourge of the world. Here, however, there’s NO WAY your company could be called “Hitschler”. None.)

So here’s where we’re at: these are addictive, tasty, fresh, different, and calorie-wise, not so bad at all for ya. But we can’t get them. Anywhere, which is odd. I usually (if I don’t say so myself!) find SOMEWHERE for you guys to buy from, even if it has exorbitant shipping rates. In this instance though…we’re just gonna have to play the waiting game.

Don’t worry though-the world’s getting smaller, not larger. These will be available one day, and when that day comes, I’ll let you know. If any of you find an online store that has these, PLEASE let us Candygurus know-there’s never BEEN anything this important.

And to my German pal…well, another winner from you. Now you know what to get me for Hannukah! (Is it weird to get “Hitschler’s” for Hannukah?  Or is it perfect irony?)



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  1. Nils

    Also from Germany and I concur, I drew the association the first time I saw Hitschler candies on a shelf as a kid. Ultimately I think it’s just a matter of, well, keeping it real. You notice the phonetic similarity, you’re either in shock or giggle to yourself, then you realize it’s just a name and the fact that it’s an officially sold product means there’s truly no connection, and then you’re over it.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that stumbling upon this hit me with nostalgia as I clearly remember having these years ago, but I haven’t seen them in ages and it seems they’re not sold anymore. I went through their catalog and there’s no mention of them. I’m sad now.

  2. Niels

    I am from Germany and i think you are wrong with the assumption that the name sounds normal to us, at least to the people i know in the age from 30-40 also had those associations. Since i can read, the phonetic of Hitschler was always weird close to Hitler for me. So much that i had to always ask myself how can a company exist with this name. Luckily they re-named the company to “Hitschies” in 2021 , which is also a name for one of their products for a long time…

    • Jonny

      That’s interesting, and comforting actually. Thanks for the info, we’ll look for new products from them!

  3. Susie

    Yeah, right.. 🙂

  4. Jonny

    Look. I OLways share. It’s these jerks who don’t reciprocate!

  5. Susie

    Hey Matty,
    Gotta be quicker next time Jonny gets his new batch of German goodness..hehe.. I do remember asking him to share, though.

  6. Matty


  7. Susie

    Hahaaaa, when was Hannukah again? Do I need to start my shopping spree now?
    Thanks for the Hit(sch)ler idea – never thought of that before. But I am sure I will from now on hehe..

  8. greebs

    See, you could have gone with a title of “Heil Hitschler!” but I guess that would have been wrong.

    I love effervesence.



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