Helf C’Bon Lemon: Almost Old School & Super Sticky

Remember lemon drops? Not Lemonheads. Lemonheads are round, smooth and kinda smallish, from our friends at Ferrara. You pop a few at a time and the hard crunchy shell holds a softer center. They precipitated a hole ‘head’ revolution, like Appleheads and of course Grapeheads.

Lemon drops are shaped like a lemon, bigger than lemonheads, and they hard candy through and through. They have a sugar coating that always scratched my tongue. Good lemon taste though.

Then there are these (new ones to me at least): Helf C’Bon Lemon with Vitamin C


These taste JUST LIKE Lemon Drops. Like they the stole recipe. BUT they do not have the sugar coating, and they DO have a soft center.


The center isn’t just soft, it’s chewy. Very chewy, and they get stuck to your teeth. Like you have to use your fingers to dislodge it. One ‘almost fan’ was worried when she pulled it off it would take out a filling. She liked, until that, and would rather these had been hard throughout. (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID. LITERALLY!)

The taste though is great. Very good lemon, almost sour without trying to be a sour candy. I like. If you think you would too – buy a box of 30 packages. Because that’s all I could find online. Hey, go big or don’t go at all baby yeah!

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