Haribo Tagada Pink’s Got No Stink


Reviewed by Jonny

October 1, 2012

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We reviewed Haribo’s “Primavera” candies a while back, and I liked them. A lot. Little did I know that they could get better. Enter the pink…


The Primavera candies we tried before were more or less strawberry flavored candies. The thing about them was the consistency: Not a marshmallow (at all) , but instead a softish grainy consistency that I fell in love with. Well ya know what? They’re dead to me now. Cause now I got the pink.

They essentially the same exact candies, but sour. A really nice sour. They start off feeling pretty solid, but collapse easily upon biting them. From there, it’s grainy breakdown city. I can’t seem to get enough of these-just ask my chins and they’ll prove it. I’m really growing to love intense strawberry flavored candy-it never was a favorite flavor of mine, but now, especially with these, I’m all over it.

We also reviewed Haribo’s bananas, that were this same exact consistency and remarkably excellent as well. They’re a familiar flavor with a different consistency and eating experience. Overall, something I’d like to have regularly.


Click the link below to pick up the regular strawberry version – the whole “pink” fas is gooooooone.

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  1. Matty

    I loves me some pink


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