Haribo Sour Bites: New and True

They look so pretty !

Reviewed by Matty

September 29, 2020

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I’ve been harping on Haribo for a few years now because the European gummy masters have succumbed to the sour-bright-color-crazy-character candy to compete in the U.S. with the Sour Patch Kids‘ of the world. And up to this point, in my humble opinion, the flavors have been pedestrian and the chew not up to what Haribo usually presents.

My view changes with the new Haribo Sour Bites:

Haribo Sour Bits Zing! package

I go either way on the paste-filled round gummy. Sometimes chalky or too thick, it can take over the candy when I really want more gummy. In the Sour Bites though, the filling fits well with the outside cover, which isn’t a gummy as much as a chewy. And the sour is good: more sour than tang.

But it’s the taste that won me over with this new package, because the dual-flavor bites can actually be discerned.

Picture of actual Haribo Sour Bites candy

The blue & red raspberry was definitely not general berry. The strawberry & lemon had a nice zing to it (which is what the package says they’ll be) and the watermelon & raspberry says, “yeah, we know we put raspberry in 2 different bites because it’s good that’s why.”

If you can get over the obvious ‘for children’ packaging, these are another Haribo take to put at the top of your corner shop candy list.

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