Haribo Schneck Lecker: Simply, Gummy Snails

An unappealing mollusk as candy. What'll they think of next?!

Reviewed by Matty

June 3, 2013

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I think Schneck Lecker means “tasty snail” but I’m not sure since Google Translate sucks right now. Man, the GALL of Google to provide me a free service — a way for me to translate any language into English — and yet appear to be down, right when I need it? For shame. FOR SHame.


Anyhoo …

Here is yet ANOTHER Haribo product that I hadn’t heard of until my friend and colleague Alexander from Germany brought it to me. How many products DO THESE PEOPLE MAKE? A LOT. And if you’ve been paying attention you know the Gurus love these candy making fools.

But I ain’t in love with marshmallows and these things are 3/4 marshmallow.

(Side note: I do like rainbow frogs…)


Here’s the thing — if you pile these into your mouth, a few at a time, and suddenly you’ve pounded the bag and you didn’t really think about it at all until they’re just gone; well then you’d likely give these a mediocre rating. It’s too easy to just think a general “yeah ok these are fine whatever.”

So what you need to do is eat them slooowly. Actually bite a part of it, taste it, think about it, and then swallow and do it again. When you do that, then you can taste the orange of the orange piece, and the green-whatever-it-is-flavor of the green one. It has that uniquely good, deep Haribo fruitiness that only they can do.

And of course if you like marshmallow, well then you’re super stoked.

Not in Germany and must have now? Go to the link below and buy a bucket baby!

Zolli Candy


  1. Ev

    I never liked these as much as the frogs, who have a better balance of “Marshmallow” to Gummi. On the translation notes, “Tasty Snails” is pretty much correct. And on the german Haribo bags, the small text reads, “Haribo makes children joyful / and parents likewise” except of course sounding better and rhyming.

    • Matty

      you are corrrect!


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