Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs: Buy. These. Now.

Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs: I refuse to write a long post about these. Why? Because like sex, it's better experienced than read about.

Reviewed by Matty

July 23, 2010

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I refuse to write a long post about these? Why? Because the best things in life don’t require lots of prose. A knowing nod, a simple smile, and an expression of contentment do the trick.

Take sex for example. You might talk about wanting it or not getting enough of it but you never talk about all the gory details of it with friends and family. We all (after age 13…oh i mean 18 or 21 in most cases…ahem) get it. We know what it feels like and why it’s good. We don’t need to talk about that part of the experience out loud. We just thiiiink about it.

So too with Haribo mini rainbow frogs.

First off these are truly fruity. They taste juicy even. As perhaps the smallest gummi in the Haribo family – it is also perhaps the ones with the fullest flavors. Not sour, not tart, but crisp and loud. If I ate one at a time and tried to delineate flavors, I’m sure I could. There would be a cherry and lemon and probably apple (green) not lime…orange. But you don’t eat these like that. You don’t pop one in your mouth. You pop 3-8 in your mouth. And you don’t suck on them. You chew them all at once. I treat these like it’s a bag of nuts – grab a handful and go at ’em.

How many candies do you have has your gotos? I’m guessing 3. And if you are the average person, in a hurry, at the grocery store or mom/pop A&P, you grab M&Ms, Reese’s P-butter cups, or a Snickers. If you are the smarter than average person (yes I just wrote that), then you lose the Snickers and you grab these little bundles of joy at Food Service Direct.com (best price on the Web) or your fave Walgreen’s, Amazon etc.

That’s it. I got no more prose for you. No more humor. No clever witticisms. I won’t even beg you try these. But when you do, you’ll praise whatever it is you pray to, and you’ll leave a comment on this page saying, “Matty – you are wonderful. You are a candy muse. Candy trends end and begin with you. Thank my lucky stars you have such keen insight.”

You are welcome.


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  1. waltyb

    you guys rock where i live you cant get any haribo except gold bears (not complaining)but seriously cmon haribo get some in alabama

    • matty

      Totally agree. ‘Bama Needs the ‘Bo. I think it’s a new slogan

  2. Kat Mor

    Lovin’ me some Mini Rainbow Frogs right now!

  3. Matty

    I had Build a Burger Haribo and I’ll save all the deets for another review but in general, too much of the marshmallow. Per your point, Laurie. Which I think is the same crap they use in tapsy’s … see vid on home page for more…

  4. laurie p.

    freakin love the frogs. they are so petite and adorable…i like to take them one at a time, as it’s so novel to have such tiny gummi mouth-feel. and, usually, that white marshmallowy stuff bugs me, but the proportions are just right on these little darlins.

  5. Matty

    I may or may not know Josh but he sounds like a very intelligent person.

  6. Josh

    My 3 Go To candies are:

    1. Haribo anything
    2. Swedish Fish
    3. Malted Milk Balls

    Hey, you asked

  7. Jonny

    Matty is right, per usual. These are better than the larger sized Haribo frogs, and are a staple in my house.


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