Haribo Labre Larver package

Haribo Labre Larver: like nothing else

Maybe the most unique Haribo flavor out there.

Reviewed by Matty

October 27, 2020

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Maybe the most original Haribo candy I’ve ever tasted. This European Haribo (maybe Dutch?) take on larvae… see in the picture: it’s like a butterfly before it’s hatched… is remarkable.

When I first tasted Labre Larver I stopped in my tracks.

“Wait…what is this?”

I had to chew more slowly to take it all in.

Haribo Labre Larver package

There is a licorice undertone no doubt, but it’s so subtle. And I even tasted a cocoa flavor. The candy coating is sweet, much sweeter than I expected. It’s a caramel shell. And the inside actually isn’t very sweet at all. And wow are these chewy. Maybe just aged well? A super hard chew that’s fun to eat, and I like candy I need to work through – makes me eat less.

Haribo Labre Larver candies

These rank up there with any Haribo — and 5 stars for originality. Thanks go to super fan Laurie P for giving a package to Mrs. Guru, so I could pilfer.

Can’t find them in the U.S. but the UK version of Amazon lets you buy and ship to the U.S. Go forth and procure. These might be the most interesting candy you buy in 2020.

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