Haribo Hot Sticks: Ginger Never Tasted So Imported

Oh Haribo, what can’t you not do?

Recently I bitched to Jon about not getting any of the goods that guardian angel Susie bestows on him/us. I get to READ about all the goodies just like you shleb…er…folks, but I rarely get a TASTE. And Susie has brought some goshdarn super good stuff so you know why I’d be jealous.

Well the old boy must have been feeling in the holiday spirit as he bestowed on me these over New Years:

Which look perfectly up my alley. And I have some pretty tried and true alleys: I like gummy hard chew, I like fruit, I like licorice.

Not toooootally in love with ginger. Sure, it’s fine, but I don’t go out of my way for it. Ever. I find candies loaded with ginger to be just too back-of-the-throat flamingly annoying.

But these Hot Sticks. Let me tell you: delishirous.

I can’t tell if all the colors above have ginger or whether ginger is just one of the flavors. I think it’s in them all.

The package suggests orange and raspberry and peppers..wait. Peppers? Peppers. Hm. Don’t taste those at all.

In fact, it’s not a terribly convincing orange, nor the raspberry a convincing raspberry. And lemon? uhhhmm. Feeling a bit lost here. The ginger overbears them all. Thus another reason not to trust the Ginger.

I’d jump back in and see if I could decipher better these flavors but I just finished the bag. Seriously.

Eh screw it.

I like these. They are plain ol’ eatable. You will too. IF, you are cool.

Now if I can just convince Jon to convince Susie to send me more.

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