Haribo Grapefruit

A classic gets miniaturized

Reviewed by Jonny

November 15, 2019

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You want old school? Haribo’s gigantic grapefruit wedges are old school. I don’t know when they first made their way to the states, but I do remember having access to them as a kid on some level. Large, white, and usually stale and chewy as hell…they were literally the stuff my dreams were made of. One of my favorites then, and one of my all time favorites now.

ya feel me on these?

But now we have grapefruit Jr.

Smaller, uniform and not horribly mangled the way I like them grapefruit wedges. Hmm.

It’s hard to see, but there’s 2 colors here, to represent pink and “regular” grapefruit. They taste the same as far as I’m concerned.

To put the size issue in perspective, I’d say 3-4 of these little guys equals the size of a regular large one.

Flavor wise though, they’re the same-excellent. If this is my best grapefruit Haribo option on any given day, then I’m clearly buying these. But I’ll always prefer the larger ones. The rub on the large is that originally, they were only available as part of the excellent Fruit Salad mix-that’s a large part of the reason I’ve loved that variety for so long.

But then magic happened, and the 5 pound bags of the large grapefruit slices came into existence for a PREPOSTEROUSLY low price and everything was better in the world. Don’t think I haven’t bought MULTIPLE 5 pound bags in my day. Don’t think it.

So what’s the recommended action here? Considering that these small grapefruit wedges are still an import item and not particularly cheap online, I’d say go for the big bag of old school wedges. For the cost of one overpriced hipster cocktail you’ll have FIVE POUNDS of some of the best, mouth watering, authentically flavored deliciousness Haribo has ever made.

I told myself I wasn’t buying any candy for a while, but….this link….it’s so close and so affordable…………

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  1. Katie

    So frustrating that the linked offer vanished. There’s none available *anywhere*. The 5 lb bags must have been them dumping old stock as they discontinued the product. 🙁

  2. Mary Watson

    Oh, yeah. I feel your burn. I owe Amazon $265. Do I or Don’t I spring for another $25 (or?) for a 25 lb bag??? Do I….? Don’t…I


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