Haribo Fruity Frutti: Of COURSE it’s good

Reviewed by Matty

July 30, 2010

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I found new Haribo. I’m actually quite astounded. Aren’t you? I mean – how often do Jonny and I bitch about there not being more types of Haribo? ALL THE TIME. And now there is. It’s really quite remarkable. Watch the vid and you’ll get revved up to seek out Fruity Fruttis. Trust me on this – they’re good.

These are Haribo for chrissakes. They’re a 4.5 almost by default…



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  1. JonnyMH1

    Here’s a little trick that makes Fruity Frutti extra tasty. Touch an open flame (a lighter works great) to the marshmallow side for a few seconds and you have a warm toasted marshmallow treat. Very yummy!

  2. susan

    Ahh I see… thanks for the info! I will look elsewhere. The saft bear, though indeed slightly softer than a regular haribo bear, is named for its 22% fruit juice content (saft = juice in german). They will be obtained, it’s only a matter of time…

  3. Jonny

    And the lime saft (soft?) bears sound incredible. Please let us know if you find them…

  4. Jonny

    It’s true, I do have issues with them. For instance, here’s what their site just said when I clicked through to it, twice in a row:

    “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. ”

    Not cool. Also, I actually PLACED an order with them months ago. After 2 weeks of no response, I called and emailed them, and got nothing. Then I called again and spoke to someone who said “it’s shipping in 2 days”. It didn’t. I left several more emails complaining, and asking for a refund.

    Finally I dropped the fact that I’m part of Candygurus.com-and magically, in MINUTES, I had a refund via Paypal.

    I was considering lambasting them in a formal “review”, but chose not to. However, if I were you, I’d look elsewhere for your hard to find candy. They don’t HAVE it-they claim they do, but they actually re-up their orders AFTER you place an order, which makes for huge delays and sometimes unavailability.

    Check our section on our home page “where to buy”–all of those vendors are reliable and communicative.


  5. susan

    The lime saft bear is so tasty- basically a classic Haribo gummi bear made with lime juice. If I manage to successfully track enough down, I can send some your way.

  6. Matty

    Lime flavored gummi? Sounds promising.
    And we know Eurofoodmart. We’ve had issues with them…I’ll let Jonny pipe in if he wants to.

  7. susan

    Longtime Haribo eater, first time reader. I thought I’d share this veritable Haribo wonderland I just discovered whilst on the search for Saft Goldbaren (nary a better Lime flavored gummi has been made, in my opinion).


    (apologies if this link has been posted elsewhere on this site before!)

  8. Matty

    That’s A-OK. Also, Jonny reviewed the German version and I reviewed the US version. I should have made that clearer.

    Note that the Haribo folks contacted us and said more new US-based Haribo coming our way.

  9. Burton Ernie

    Phooey. I just realized it was Johnny that wrote the old review, and NOT you (Matty). Sorry for the mix up. My brain is the one that decayed, but still… it was written about here before.

  10. Burton Ernie

    I think the sugar intake has taken a toll. Not quite so new. And you didn’t like them as much when they were called ‘Fruity-Bussi’ — complete with the same packaging graphic (sans change to Fruitti now) in your Sept. 09 review for the original Euro version.

    Wonder why they renamed the green one to mango? No wonder you were confused about the flavor/color since it was pear. Weird.

    BTW, found your site when I tried to google these things since they just showed up on that big river site.

  11. Matty

    Wow…they really are new then. I thought maybe I simply missed them. I should have bought more. I’m not very smart…

  12. Mark D. (sugarpressure)

    They introduced these at the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2010. They hit store shelves Jun. 20. When I was at SSE2010, I mentioned to the Haribo people that they need more Haribo for sale in the U.S. Of course I said that to the Ritter Sport people, Hi-Chew people, Nestle Europe people etc.. 😛 Great review, glad you found them, I haven’t seen these in my area yet.


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