Gummy Choco: Who’s in?

I ran away from chocolate with gummies. Now I run to them.

Reviewed by Matty

September 10, 2019


Troll this site and you’ll see pretty quickly that gummy and chocolate are not two great tastes that taste great together, for me. This is probably baked in the fact that I’m not a fan of fruit and chocolate together either. Heresy to many, I know.

So obviously these Japanese Gummy Choco candies from Meiji should get 1 star.

And this is why, as they say in sports, we play the game. All the prognostication of what will happen, which team will win, and who will play best – goes out the door once all the cleats are on. And these cleats are smooth, semi-fruity, creamy, with some gummy chew – and chocolate.

And goshdarnit if I didn’t like these Gummy Chocos. The exact same size and shape of Trolli Sour Brite Eggs (which used to be good and now kinda suck), these have a soft shell. I couldn’t tell where the gummy started and the chocolate ended. It melted nicely together with a hint of chew and fruit; strawberry, grape and orange according to the package but I couldn’t really discern. It had that Japanese candy ‘nuanced’ thing going on. And it worked.

My little Gurette grabbed a few, took a bite and immediately did the “am I gonna like these?” grimace – just as I did – and then her face got brighter and she asked for more. Enough said.

4 Solid stars for these.
Find them in your grocery store.
If you live in Kyoto.

Zolli Candy


  1. Francine Scandalis

    Gummy choco is a scam company. You are lucky if you actually received your product, I certainly never did after three months. they also will not reply to say anything but “be patient”.

    • matty

      really? eeks. sorry about that…


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