Good & Plenty Are Both

Under-rated. Always. Don't forget that.

Reviewed by Matty

August 15, 2008


White, pink and purple box? You’d think Good and Grapey. But uh uh. This be good ol fashened lickohrish.

Here’s why Good & Plenty are

1. Good and Licorice-y. And not salty licorice though I like that too. Love me some sodium with my anise. But these are sweetish licorice and still good.

2. Good and Chewy. The slim vicodin-looking GandP pills are tough and chewy lil’ pieces. Not chewy like jujyfruits stick to your teeth annoying chewy but chewy workout the jaws a bit and keep coming back for more chewy.

3. Good and Old. And I mean old fashioned since according to Hershey, they are the oldest branded candy in the US. Around since 1863. That’s before the University of California (any of the campuses) was founded. Long time ago.

4. Good and Aged. Different from old. These pups age great. They are already a tad tough. Open a box. Let em sit for 24, and you got yourself…well basically the same thing but maybe a tad tougher. Sounds perf. And it is.

5. Good and Plenty yo! You get a ton of them. The box/bag never seems to end. And most people ‘think’ they don’t like them so if you offer them around they’ll say no. It’s great. No sharing!

Bottom Line: Old is good.



Zolli Candy


  1. Candy Gurus

    Thanks Heidi 🙂


  2. Heidi

    Guys, I love your blog! I found it via my buddy Denise Ryan’s blog. This is really smart and witty stuff … and I’m with Denise — the Omen children ROCK. Oh m’gosh, that’s an image I needed tonight as I battled insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Guess I won’t be sleeping anytime soon unless I want to dream about “REDRUM.” Thanks for the great laugh!

  3. Candy Gurus

    Interesting point, cybele and one I hadn’t thought of. I just assumed and maybe wrongly so that if I’m not charging for anything, or using images from the Web in my own marketing efforts, that they are fair game. You know something I don’t? This your image? I’ll lose it if need be. It aint the image that’s driving people to this blog (I assume it’s the scathing wit…)

  4. Denise Ryan

    Hey Guys – thanks for the blog roll add – I returned the favor! And I remembered the name of those horrible straws – Pixie Sticks! Cybele is kind of a buzz kill, huh?

  5. Candy Gurus


    All women love chocolate. Yes. I think we can safely say "all." The pic of the scary G & P children was the luck of the Google Image search 🙂

  6. Candy Gurus


    All women love chocolate. Yes. I think we can safely say "all." The pic of the scary G & P children was the luck of the Google Image search 🙂

  7. Denise Ryan

    Ha, ha, ha!! Matt – thanks for the comment on my blog! Your blog is a crack-up! My brother liked all those gummy, sour candies too. I bet you guys liked those awful straws filled with sugar – what were they called? Very tart! Give me chocolate!! Do you think it's a gender thing? And where did you get the pic of the Omen children holding Good & Plentys? Keep up the good work!


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