Gomz Cola Bottles & Sour Fries

Who knew the Swiss could rock classic old school gummies as well as they make chocolate?

Reviewed by Jonny

January 29, 2016

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I can’t find any information on these candies.  They were given to me by some friends who live in Switzerland, but as far as the internet knows, they don’t actually exist.


Fresh looking, super fresh tasting.


At the end of the day, there’s just something amazing looking about cola bottles.  It’s probably my nostalgia kicking in, as these were my first gummy love, but they get me every time.  These chew, feel and taste exactly as you’d expect.  The thing that really struck me was that the cola flavor is ramped up a bit- it really screams cola.  Absolutely delicious.  Something about the clear part of the bottle just shoots me back to the late 70’s.  Gummies were kinda unique, at least to me.  You didn’t really see them in that many places.  I used to get these at a farmer’s market in LA.  Later, when my family moved to the Bay Area, I would see them in delis, in bulk jars.  That clear part of the gummy bottle would call out to me with its grey/clear murkiness.  MAN I LOVE THINKING ABOUT THE GOOD OLD TIMES & HOW OLD I AM NOW!!!  Let’s move on.


Sour fries.  These…not so much in the nostalgia machine, as they definitely didn’t exist until a few years ago. so SCREW YOU, Saure Fritten!  But…they’re so remarkably delicious, I just can’t be mad at them.


Haribo made the first iteration of these I tried, and they’e damn excellent.  These are a bit different-less firm, a bit smaller.  But the flavors on these are absolutely on point, and the sour kick is great.  They’re JUST a bit squishy, and I dig that.



The Swiss don’t JUST make chocolate, I’m here to say.  These are two delicious additions to the gummy/sour world, and I’d gladly buy them both again-if I could.  Keep an eye out of Gomez candy, because this is quality stuff.


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