Godt & Blandet: Original Gummies

Gummies from Europe again prove their worth.

Reviewed by Matty

October 2, 2023

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I didn’t actually read my old reviews and count how many started with: “Europeans (or any country that isn’t U S A) know how to do gummies better than ‘Merica,” but it’s safe to say I started dozens of my takes that way.

Because it’s true. They’ve been making them longer, they have more experience. Also, Europeans knitted the candy fabric for adults not just kids, so they’ve likely learned what plays best to various audiences.

In the case of this audience — me — I know what I like. And it has to do with flavorful gummies, yes, but also licorice. I like salty licorice and hard licorice and fruity licorice, and not just basic run-of-the-mill licorice.

Godt & Blandet Originals give you fruity gummies with licorice gummies. And they’re pretty wonderful.

Godt & Blandet Original gummies candies

Our great friend and fan – and very astute candy eater — Laurie brought these little sweeties back from a trip to the top of the world. I think she might have gotten these in the Arctic. Perhaps was Finland or Iceland, which may be the same place because they are both cold and far away from me.

“They make gummies in the Arctic?” You ask? No. I mean, sure they may, but these aren’t them. The Godt & Blandet Originals are made by Malaco, which is a Swedish company providing candies to various Norther European countries.

Let’s get down to the facts:

  • The flavors are good. Fruity. And there are multiple licorice types in here, one more salty than another.
  • The chew on the licorice pieces is strong, which I love. These aren’t light, nor do they melt away fast.
  • The chew on the other gummies could be chew-y-er. I wanted more heft. I even left these out in the open for 2 weeks in expectation they’d get stale and they didn’t. A tad disappointing.

Still, fruit gummies mixed with good licorice gummies make up for most shortcomings, and I would seek these out if I was ever in a store in some country that sold them. Or if I was logged into the Internet and could find my way to a place like Amazon.



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