Ghirardelli’s Milk Choco Toasted Coconut Nibs are Nummy

Nibs or Nubs make me Coconut Chubs

Reviewed by Matty

July 9, 2016

Candy You Ate As A Kid

Is it pronounced “Gear-ah-deli” or “Gee-r-uh-deli”? I think it’s the former. Of all people, I should know this since the Ghirardelli factory is almost literally in my backyard. Either way, I found these Milk Chocolate Toasted Coconut things (they call them ‘clusters’ I’d call them ‘nibs’ since they’re the size of Goobers) at Disney’s California Adventure (CA). Didn’t see them before but probably because I wasn’t looking. No offense Disneyland, but your candy selection is pure crap. Thank goodness you put a Ghirardelli space in.


Not everyone likes coconut. I didn’t when I was younger. And then something happened with age: I got wiser. Now I love coconut. Candy, water, grated – doesn’t matter to me, I like it all. So these Milk Chocolate Toasted Coconut (and sea salt) Oat Clusters get 2 stars just by default.

Side note: these morsels need a new name. Goobers: simple to the point. Starburst: branded perfectly. Milk Chocolate Toasted Coconut (and sea salt) Oat Clusters: it’s like 7 names in one. How about: “Coconut Oaty Clusters”? Maybe Coconutty Clusters or even Coconut Oaties? G-Dellie: Feel free to steal.


Here’s what’s great about these little babies with the long name:

  • They’re small. Not all the same size either, which I like. The image above is about a normal handful; you can grab a bunch and throw them in your mouth. You won’t eat just one at a time.
  • The chocolate is great. Not run-o-the-mill stuff there to hold everything together. It’s Ghirardelli for f’s sake. Nuff said.
  • The nubs are actually crunchy. Not like a potato chip but more than a peanut M&M. I loved this part of them. They feel hearty. They wouldn’t be as good if they were softer IMHO.

Here’s what I would amend in version 2.0:

  • Add more coconut. Don’t get me wrong, it’s there. And it doesn’t taste fake like some cocount candies that seem to use a floral artificial flavor. This tastes like real coconut – I just want more in there.

Bottom Line:
These things are very good. Us coconut lovers will dig by default. If you think you don’t love coconut, these could change your mind. The bag pictured above has 4.8 oz and may not seem like a ton but given their size, it might feel you are eating for days. I say go forth, and buy.

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  1. Jonny

    Sounds pretty damn good


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