Galatine Chocolate & Strawberry

These milk buttons aren't as boring as they might look.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 2, 2020


A few weeks ago we reviewed the mysterious Galatine candies-and they turned out to be a really outstanding surprise. So much so that I had to research other flavors, and of course, buy them for the benefit of you guys. Not for me at all, nope. Just research.

We discovered that the original Galatine was milk based candy that had wonderful subtle essence of cookies, so…the sky was the limit with regards to what they’d do with chocolate and strawberry.

Chocolate always comes first, and not just alphabetically

The milk adds its own flavor: so how will that combine with chocolate? I mean…it’s a slam dunk right?

it’s funky

Right. It’s delicious. Again, we have the same flavor when we pop it in, it’s a milk forward experience, right off the bat. Then a very subtle cocoa thing happens, but it’s super subtle until you bite. Unless you’re one of those freaks that can wait, and just sucks the whole thing for like 10 minutes. That’s not me. So after I try my best to not bite it for 15 seconds, I bite it. And that’s when the wave of (again) subtle chocolate melds with the milk. Something about the crumbly texture of the disc adds to the experience for me. And then? It’s gone. It’s a quick eat, but the flavor and consistency is so unique together, I love it. This one is just as good as the original.


If I’m being honest, the strawberry iteration was the reason I bought both of these. I had visions of Nestle Quick (here’s the modern version, young ‘uns) swimming in my head, and I needed to find out if these stood up to that memory. Who invented strawberry milk? Clearly a genius, who knew we needed it, even when no one else did.

You gotta hand it to these guys, they get a an “A” for packaging.

admittedly, not super interesting to look at

I wasn’t disappointed, but I will say, you don’t get the burst of strawberry milk flavor here that you get with Quick. Again, it’s subtle overall, and starts very subtle. You have to get the thing open to get the real flavor going. Once you do, it’s a nice strawberry flavor, but I was hoping for overwhelming. In this regard, Strawberry Quick is still champ.

But these candies are really great. They’re so different than anything you’ve been snacking on, that they’re worth a try for that reason alone. Note that there’s honey in all of these varieties, so if there’s allergies or sensitivities to honey in your home, don’t buy.

For the rest of you, I recommend clicking the link. To find something that makes me go “wow” these days is kinda special, no?

Zolli Candy


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