Galatine Biscotti…Milk Candy?

It's great when I think I'm gonna hate something, then I love it.

Reviewed by Jonny

July 31, 2020


I was completely confused when I first looked at these.

The translation is “milk biscotti tablets”. Still though….I wasn’t understanding what these actually were. How can a hard candy ever get that milky, cookie flavor?

There’s no denying though, that they nailed the landing with regards to the packaging.

I’ve tasted a lot of coffee flavored hard candies, and more or less, they’re all the same. This is in line with what I was expecting here.

The thing is though….when I saw the candy, I still was confused.

At this point I thought “ah, this is like a harder Big Hunk, or more of a taffy kind of thing”. Wrong.

They gave the info all along: this is like a dried milk tablet. Think about Tums, that consistency, kind of. But that’s where the similarity ends. Because it’s milk based, it has a powder-like overall feel, condensed. And I really liked that. But what shocked me the most was that I loved the flavor.

Usually I don’t like milk candies, but these are a complete game changer. The flavors that unfold truly are milk, and aromatic cookie. It all works together in a unified way, so nothing is too strong. The mix is just fantastic.

Also, they’re fun to eat. And heat won’t melt these, unlike ALL THE OTHER HARD CANDIES in my office.

I really recommend checking these out. And while this specific variety doesn’t seem as easily available as others, I’m including a link below to the strawberry milk version of these.

You guys feel me, right? I’m assuming the strawberry milk ones are essentially Strawberry “Quik” in a tablet. Proceed without caution.

Zolli Candy


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