Fundy Juicee Gummee Belts

A new take on an oldish candy staple - the sour belt.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 10, 2014


Kinda seems like I made more than a few typos in the title of this post, no?  Turns out PEOPLE ARE TAKING LIBERTIES WITH CANDY NAMES!!


The thing I still don’t get is why the description on the front of the bag is written in English.  Clearly these aint ‘Merican.  Regardless, this style of candy, the sour belt, is one of my all time favorites.  Just a comforting, predictable, chewy sour candy.  On the low side of the scale, you get things like Sour Rips.  On the higher side, you might find these gems. The bottom line is that I’m not kicking any of them out of bed for eating Saltines, but there is a qualitative difference in the world of sour belts.


In the looks department, these win.  Hands down.  The color combo is pure class, and the non-neon aspect of it draws me to it as well. As it turns out though, they taste even better than they look.  The keyword here is “subtle”.  While the flavor is certainly alive and edgy, it’s not over the top-it falls more on the deep, complex berry.  It also doesn’t feel like there’s multiple flavors combatting with themselves-more like a strawberry/raspberry themed flavor, with just a bit of citrus on the outside.

The pack comes with about 10 belts, and they sure went fast.



I loved these.  LOVE LOVE LOVED.  And now?  I gotta make a trip across the pond, as it seems they’re only available in “not America”.


As if I needed to sell you on these further, read this from the manufacturer’s website:

A fresh, modern and young brand. We sell 1st class quality gelatine candies with fruit juice content under this brand. The brand is geared towards older children and teenagers, but it can also address their parents. It has the taste of independence, freedom and cheerfulness.”


I want that taste.   Freedom.  And cheerfulness.



Zolli Candy


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    how can I buy this candy?


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