Creatables Snagz


Reviewed by Jonny

December 20, 2013


You’ve no doubt seen this kind of thing before.  Once super special, now they’re kinda everywhere.


Most recently, Matty reviewed something very similar by Airheads, with horrible results.  Well…I have god news for you.  I’ve found the best ones around, and they’re easy to get, and affordable.  The trifecta!



The consistency is king on these: old school solid, chewy.  You can take a bite right out of it, but you gotta work at it a bit-as it should be.  Like most other rainbow style belts or rips or chunks, these have four flavors.  The difference here is that these are four good flavors, that are all clearly distinct.  The thing is, they work together too.  So you can eat it all together in a few bites, or you can get all OCD like me.  It’s fun.dorvrainbitesplit

I couldn’t find flavor information on these, but altogether, they rock a tutti-frutti kind of vibe.  I’m guessing that separately, they’re lemon, apple, strawberry and blue raspberry.  The sour levels on these are high, and strong.  Even Mrs. Guru, who attests to hating “Anything with that damn sugar all over it” really liked these.
These are better than the Airheads version, better than than the “rips” we see in supermarkets, and definitely better than the generic ones you find in bulk ye olde candy store.  Best part?  You can get pounds of these things for under a ten spot.  Click the link below, and tell me I’m wrong if you dare.



Zolli Candy


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