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Vollmilch-Münzen: Hazelnut and milk are delightful

Don’t overlook old school German candy yo

Haribo Cherry Cola

Two flavors that are better together than alone

Wiley Wallaby Soft & Chewy in Loads of Flavors

Aussie licorice but is it licorice if it isn’t “licorice”?

Jelly Belly Gummies Sours

SO much going against these. Yet…I can’t look away…

Big and Beautiful Tony’s Chocolonely

A “fun” chocolate bar? Who knew.

Kolsvart Sour Raspberry Candy Fish

How many friggin varieties of “swedish” Fish are gonna review??!!

Maoam Pinballs: A secret treat from our fave candy maker?

These are the kind of balls we should all be fond of.

Haribo Rainbow Sour

Haribo Rainbow Sour

A sour rainbow might SOUND terrible and sad, but according to science (we think) it’s not

Red Band Fruity Pyramids

Red Band Fruity Pyramids

Sometimes what you need isn’t what you think you have. Sometimes I’m sure it is as well, but in this instance, it’s complicated.