Fruitips Bag

Frutips: Stay (Black)Currant

Blackcurrant Fruit Pastilles that you can make love to. If you find them.

Reviewed by Matty

January 10, 2012


Even if I could take a better picture of this bag it wouldn’t do these things justice.

The Frutips bag was half ripped anyway when I got them, with the sugar coating spilling out. Wasn’t sure if Jonny ripped them open and repaired with Scotch tape before he gave the package to me, or whether they were scarred from years on the shelf. Either way, these things done good. Super good.

I lived in the UK for a bit back in the 90’s and I learned next to nothing about life – EXCEPT that Blackcurrant is the shit yo! (Ribena is the goto kids drink, like Hi-C here in the States, and they drink it a lot and start early). Kinda grapey but way deeper tones. And these Frutips? They do it better than I can remember. I’m taking this flavor SERiously.

The pastilles I have start chewy hard, nicely aged, thick and crunchy with the sugar coating. Bite in and they get softer, but not like a jelly. The flavor is really full and very fruity. I usually find that the “made with real fruit juice” candies have no discernable differences from those that don’t market that on the package, but Go Oppo with these baby! They TOTALLY taste like they are made with real fruit juice — maybe it’s the sweetness or maybe it’s the dense flavor but there was a point when I was eating these that I kinda f e l t like I was drinking juice… I know, right?

So where in god’s name do you get these bad boys? Yeah, uh, not sure. The various sites I’ve found are all based in Africa, like this one. I assume South Africa since English is the default language. None in the USA though, so you are essentially on your own and I have no idea how real these sites are.

Hey you all who live in Europe – can we buy some from you?

Zolli Candy


  1. Kitty

    If you like these try to find cocoaland lot 100 gummies in blackcurrant (mango is delicious too). You can find them in some Chinese supermarkets. Not the same chew but an amazing blackcurrant flavor. Also you can find Fruitips in some Chinese supermarkets as well. They sell them in Asia and they get imported here. Instead of a bag it’s in a tube.

  2. Herman

    I used to buy these from a Chinese supermarket chain called “99 ranch markets”.

    Most chinese supermarkets around still carry the strawberry flavored frutips but I can’t find black currant or assorted anymore.

  3. Matty

    I hear you “Name Roberttheg”. In a sense, we’re worthless. We’re candy porn – all watch and no touch. And these really bum me out cuz they’re so damn good.

  4. Roberttheg

    Name. Is me.

  5. Name

    Hey, so what are you guys doing here, starting a new reality show? First you describe in great detail how wonderful these babies are, getting all of us out here in the real world all”l juiced up”. Then you tell us that you don’t know where to buy them. Then, those of us crazed with sugar anxiety start searching the world without success. Then you give us hints for which we have to buy your children clothing then you……

  6. Martha

    OMG. Those look GOOD.

  7. Jonny

    Wow. Roxy’s?


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