Francine’s Fudge: Xmas Candy in Summer

It's Christ's shining time again?

Reviewed by Matty

May 26, 2020


So fudge is a thing now I guess. Since November (of 2019) this will be the 3rd fudge review of ours, two of which are both by small companies that do fudge in a cup.

Today’s fudging review is about the wares from McJak Candy, a family run company in Ohio that makes more than chocolate goods, they also make toffee, lollipops, pop corn and Cotton Candy — I had the Orange Creamsicle version and I was debating whether to review that instead; I’m an adult who likes cotton candy and I don’t apologize for it).

Still, let’s talk fudge, yes?

I gotta be honest, I’m confused by the Christmas Story overtones. I was sent a bunch of boxes branded from the movie, which are clearly using stills, quotes, fonts and of course title. From the McJak site, it appears there is a Christmas Story house people can visit, and the film is front and center of the marketing, but I can’t quite figure out why! The movie actually takes place in Indiana, about 330 miles from Medina, Ohio where the candy factory is…

I know the McJak company ‘white labels’ candy for other companies across the world, so perhaps these were simply leftover tins from one of the projects that had for Xmas 2019? Or it’s coming in 2020?

Marketing gimmicks aside, you’re here to learn about the taste of Francine’s Fudge (this particular brand), and whether you should go out of your way for it. And I say: yes – it’s good. It tastes small batch, and although you ain’t gonna sit down and eat a plateful but when you dive in, it’ll make you happy.

Very creamy and rich, as fudge is expected to be, but also not too dense. So when you get it in a cup, you can eat most of it without feeling bloated. The chocolate flavor is what you’d expect – not too sweet actually (though I’d appreciate a tad more salt) and you get more than enough in your cup (or box) to make it feel worth it.

Most often McJak is making candy for others, so you will search the internet a bit to find it. Still — come October (now that Xmas starts in October. sigh.) when you see A Christmas Story fudge tins in stores, you now know what you’ll be buying. Plus (ironically?), the candy is kosher. No matter what god you pray too, feel comfortable procuring.

Zolli Candy

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  1. Theresa

    Had the Francine Peanut Butter Fudge. Not too sweet; great taste. LOVED it!!!!


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