Fini Party Mix: More. Of the Same.

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Reviewed by Matty

September 17, 2019


I’m eating Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. It’s salted caramel and it’s great. And it’s not candy.

Fini Party Mix. Hm.

First off, they’re not really party-rific. They are semi-sour with big grains of sugar on the outside, which I don’t love. They are fruit-looking and fruit-flavored, except one piece, which is like a Haribo lego thing. Generally pedestrian except for the watermelon, which was actually pretty tasty.

Too soft. That would be my first description if asked. I like gummies with more chew. Also, there were maybe 11 pieces in the bag. For 2 bucks? Too much money, not enough candy.

At the same time I’m kinda still eating these gummies from Spain that I bought in Singapore.

I can find these online from a few European purveyors. But why get them? Why not just get Haribo from your local shop? These are like Haribo’s annoying cousin: fun to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner but no one wants to hang out with them.

Zolli Candy


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