Fabulicious Sherbet Fizz from New Zealand

Fizzy makes me all fuzzy inside

Reviewed by Matty

March 7, 2023

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When you talk to Americans about Sherbet we think you mean a frozen dessert that is half sorbet half ice cream. It looks like this:

Container of sherbet, ice cream-like dessert

When you talk about “sherbet” to English speakers who live in the realm of the Windsor royals, such as the denizens of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand, they likely think of sherbet as a fizzy candy substance. Like what you dip the stick in, in our Fun Dip:

Fun dip package, American candy

Now here we have RJ’s Fabulicious Sherbet Fizz, a confection from New Zealand, which has a red licorice-like substance outside and the fizzy sherbety stuff inside.

RJ's Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz candy

RJ’s, known for their licorice and licorice-like wares, do good with these sherbet thingies, and here’s why:

  • Whether it’s the red outside layer on its own, or the semi-nougat kinda-sour-very-tart middle bit together WITH the outside layer, these Fabulicious’ gots FLAVOR. I expected a semi dull Red Rope-like candy. No sir. These are fruity, and almost juicy.
  • The middle bit is not unlike Zotz, but chewy. And the ratio of middle to outside is right on: More middle than outside.
  • You get two decent sized pieces. Good for sharing. But honestly? Screw your friends and family. You bought these, you eat these.

I got these because my wife’s sister/half-sister lives in NZ, brought these back for me, and I’m finally digging in. Wish she brought more of them. Luckily, you can get them in the States. Start here.


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