Dutch Licorice Coins: Real Licorice 101

Ready to learn the true ways of European licorice? This is your starter kit.

Reviewed by Matty

June 15, 2015

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We’ve reviewed so much candy that now when I get new sugary stuff I have to check to see if we already put pen to paper. I was certain we already blogged about Dutch Licorice Coins from Gustaf’s since coins are like what bears are to gummis – if you make it, you better darn well have a coin version in your licorice arsenal. (Google explains).


I wasn’t hungry when I decided to open these. I already had a big dinner and dessert, but I wanted to get some writing going, and I thought I could use these as the tried and true means to settle the ol’ stomach.

I opened the bag and there was a waft of deep licorice meets stale meets salt meets iodine. Uhh not great. Almost pungent. Not sure I was happy with my choice at this point and I assumed it would mean these Coins would have that really acidic salty taste the Dutch love in their deep licorice pieces and us ‘mericans weird out about.

Howevs – I was incorrect.


When I bit into these, they were sweet off the top. Much sweeter than most true European licorice fans will love. The hardness and toughness were awesome. Suck on these for about 3 minutes and then you can start rolling it around your teeth and flipping with your tongue. Fun to eat, and they’ll last a long time if you want them too. The salt is there but it won’t freak out those of you who like your candy tame. Most importantly the licorice taste, as you get with all the good European stuff, is perfect.

I’ve had numerous conversations about licorice with people and it really is true the Europe folks just “get it” much more than we do in the ol’ US of A. We like our bright colors and sours, our layman’s chocolate and rote selection. The Europeans like lots of different flavors and varieties, and they don’t all define a chocolate bar as “Snickers.” We can learn from those folks over the pond. I daresay start with licorice. Learn to love the strong flavors. These Gustaf’s Dutch Licorice Coins will be your perfect starter kit.

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  1. Ed Voccola

    I agree completely! I have searched long and hard to find a very hard licorice with great taste. Gustof’s coins are just the thing that I have been looking for. They are now my “go to” night time treat. Well done Gustof’s!


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