Dove Real Blueberries (“Genetically Modified” Real…)

Chocolate covered fruit is adulting at its best

Reviewed by Matty

April 23, 2019


Fruit and chocolate is a very mature way to eat sweets, I’d even consider it “adult,” but maybe that’s because as a kid I wouldn’t go near the stuff.

Chocolate covered anything beside nuts, peanut butter and nougat was unnecessary as far as my teenager-to-young-adult brain was concerned.

Then I eventually got married, and said wife started buying things like Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Powerberries, which are like the Dove Real Blueberries except the powerberry is a concoction of various fruit juices made into a berry-like substance.

But these aren’t those. These are these:

And these DO have real blueberries in them. And the blueberries are good. And the dark chocolate is good.

(But they aren’t as good as the powerberries! But that doesn’t matter! Because you can’t get powerberries unless you go to Trade Joe’s or for some reason, here on Amazon but I think it’s illegal…Right? Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell things online right?…hmmm…)

Back to the Dove Real Blueberries – a sneakily strong snack.

They are 140 calories for 15 pieces – a solid amount to eat at one sitting. And that’s not a ton of calories for silky dark chocolate, which Dove provides. There is no trans fat, 1 gram of fiber, and only 18 grams of sugar. Really not bad. Your regular size Snickers has 14 times that amount of calories.

These aren’t reallllly healthy though. They are made on machines with loads of allergens and this on the package: “partially produced with genetic engineering” – makes me question what I’m eating exactly.

Still, the Dove Real Blueberries are a solid, grab-by-the-handful, chocolate snack. Your kids might balk, but us parents will like them, and even feel like we’re being somewhat healthful even though we’ll never know what’s real or not. And I’m not talking about candy. I’M TALKING ABOUT LIFE.

Zolli Candy


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