Dad’s Root Beer Barrels: Drink ’em Up

Drink. Or rather: Bite.

Reviewed by Matty

February 22, 2021


Halloweens past were a smorgasbord of candy I wouldn’t eat any other time of year.

Candy corn-like pumpkins, Smartees, even Tootsie Rolls. No one’s buying these candies unless you are filling a piñata or celebrating All Hallow’s Eve.

But why not? Just because you haven’t, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Perhaps the small and nostalgic is just what we need in this age of complicated technology.

Let me reintroduce you to the Dad’s Root Beer barrels:

Dads Root Beer candies

Wow are these hard, hard candy. May I suggest you suck and not bite (that’s what she said), which gives you time to take in the truly deep Root Beer flavor.

You do like Root Beer don’t you? Kindofa must for these.

Dads Root Beer candy and wrappers

Dad’s Root Beer nuggets are about the size of three gumballs at once so they last.

Taste is the kicker: Deep, tangy root beer or sarsparilla. Goes way beyond what most cola candies give you, which is a hint of the flavor. The Dads barrels let you know what it is. They hit you over the head with it.

If you like hard candy, drink in some Dad’s Root Beer barrels before Halloween.

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