Cricket Mates: Not baseball. Yes Gummies

Put another cricket on the barbie for me, matey

Reviewed by Matty

August 25, 2017


It wasn’t until I opened the package that I realized the “Cricket” on the package of these Cricket Mates isn’t the cute furry little insect but rather the 3 day long sport/game they play in the West Indies, oh and Britain. And of course Australia. See, all the candies are shaped like Cricket equipment – the bat, the ball, the wicket I assume, whatever that is. It’s really quite Aussie! Which is where these are from.

Now I love me some Australia, do not get me wrong. They’ve shipped over Nicole Kidman, for one, and that bae can act. Plus, she’s easy on the eyes. And I hear that Wolfman dude named Logan is from there too, even though he doesn’t have an accent. And they play football! Sure, they have their own rules, but that’s fine because they actually call it “Australian Rules Football. I digress.

These little sweeties are from The Natural Confectionery Co. who I couldn’t find in a web search and had to go to Wikipedia to find a URL for. Perhaps their marketing team wants to do a tad bit more SEO or SEM, unless they don’t care about people going to their web site. But I digress.

They look great. They smell great. I expected wonderful things for my mouth when I read “No Artificial Colours” and “No Artificial Flavors”. But perhaps they simply meant to say “No Flavours.” Becaue they all tasted the same to me. They were all somewhat apple-like, and/or pineapple-like, maybe a berry? and an orange? Some lime? The package says yes, the tongue said “no idea.” I kept eating them with my eyes closed to try and guess what I was getting and really all I got was fatter. But I digress.

The chew of these I kinda like. Not hard and full on gelatin-hoovey like you might find with Haribo. These are much softer but with some girth and a little grit. Easy going in, easy going down. I just wished they had better flavors.

Note these have loads of wheat products in them so not for the gluten-free, only eat if you are gluten-ful.

I searched the entire web for Cricket Mates and found them here (though the site says unavailable in my area…) but I say buy these instead. I bet they are pretty close to the same…

Zolli Candy


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