Crazy Pop’s New Haribo Find

This isn't a review. I just want one.

Reviewed by Matty


September 23, 2008


Check these out, they are from

Haribo Crazy Pops.
I’ve never tried these.
They don’t look terribly typical Haribo to me.
Never even seen them before. I was just trolling the site looking for Haribo I hadn’t had before and then found these. I’d guess by the pic/name that they are hard candy shelled like a gumball and then when you bite, they become all chewy and really sour. According to, they are: candied foam sugar balls with “extra sour” fizzy powder.

Sounds delightful.
But what exactly is foam sugar…? Like cotton candy? Are they firm or melt in your mouth? Are the flavors good? Green is apple and not lime; I can dig that.

If you’ve had one and think they are worth a buy and subsequent review – let me know.

Zolli Candy


  1. Matty

    Susan – you sound like you know your stuff.
    I never actually bought these…and now I’m not sure I ever will.

  2. susan

    I have had these, and the chewy-fizzy-sour in a hard shell description is pretty apt. They were unlike anything I had ever had. The combination of sour, sweet, and texture was kinda awesome; unfortunately the flavor was not so great, which made the overall experience a little confusing. If memory serves, it was a near flavorless start until I bit in, at which point there was an influx of tender chewy (marshmallow?) + tart + fizz (like the stuff that’s in LotsaFizz hard candies) + cheap, non-Haribo caliber fruitiness. I was left wearily eying the bag, uncertain as to if I wanted more.

    I ended up finding the 1/4 full bag about 8 months later when cleaning out my desk, at which point I tried one. As its now spottily discolored appearance suggested, it had not aged well and was quite hard. I still couldn’t bring myself to throw out the rest of the bag for another several months.

  3. Candy Gurus

    Who’s old?


  4. Candy Gurus

    It’s totally normal. Keep telling yourself that…

    What’s NOT normal is for me to always be “trolling” the candy section at grocery stores hoping for something new and interesting. It just doesn’t happen. A trip to Germany is the only solution. That, or the candy expo in Chicago!

  5. Denise Ryan

    Do you think there is something wrong with all of us old people and our obession with candy? Is it scary that you are trolling the Haribo site? Today I trolled my supermarket candy isle to see if there was anything new. Is it a Gen X thing? Should we start a support group? Is this a support group? And what is fizzy powder?


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