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Imagine our dilemma: review drugs on our site, or stay pure? It's one for the ages, folks

Reviewed by Jonny

March 3, 2017


When we were first approached about reviewing a drug, we were skeptical. “No sir!” I thought to myself, while Matty was much more interested. Maybe our audience is growing into corners of the web we hadn’t expected, he said. Maybe this will accelerate some more “product samples” being sent to us, I thought. So basically we were into it. The whole thing took like 3 minutes to decide.

But then we realized that we weren’t dealing with a drug. IT’S JUST A CANDY! So with that out of the way, we finally had the clarity to see the the similarity of these new offerings to something we’d reviewed before:

Look similar to these?

Of course they do, because they use the same science and (presumably) tech to make them. And that’s ok- you don’t HAVE to reinvent the wheel to be relevant, do you?

What we’re talking about here are shard-like candies, based around the concept of a mint. The real kicker is that they’re sugar-free. Actually, the REAL real kicker is that they’re sugar-free and sweetened with Xylitol.

If you’ve ever tasted a candy that used Xylitol before, you know that it’s calling card is that it has a “cool” quality to it-and thus, it’s perfect for mints. Word on the street is that it’s actually GOOD for your teeth too, so it’s truly the extremely rare candy win-win.

The colors of the shards vary slightly, but they all look the same more or less. However, they don’t exactly have the same mouthfeel. For instance, the cinnamon and lemon ones are very easily broken down, like they almost dissolve-I like that. The peppermint and orange though, are denser and less easily broken down-not quite as fun to eat for me. The only thing I didn’t like about these were the littler shards. It’s great picking up a big piece and eating it, but when there’s shard crumbles left…it’s kinda lame. I get it-the entire concept if that they crack shets of this shit and throw it in the tin, but…maybe weed out the smaller pieces just a bit better.

My favorites were, not coincidentally, the lemon and the cinnamon. Both had really nice flavor, and the minty cool edge added by the Xylitol was great. I wasn’t sure how others would react to it (honestly, I assumed people wouldn’t like them), but to my surprise, over a dozen friends at worked really liked them. And that was before they knew about them being sugar free.

The peppermint and mellow orange are decent, but I didn’t like them nearly as much as the other two. I’d buy the cinnamon & lemon varieties again, and since I can do it on Amazon, well…that just makes things dead easy.

In short, while they’re not technically drugs, they are crack-ish. And since they actually help your teeth? No brainer. Check ’em out below.

Zolli Candy

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  1. Matty

    these are SOOOO similar to the others that I”m actually confused. There’s enough of a market for these to have 2 separate manufacturers making the EXACT same candy? Are we sure it’s not one company rebranding? #hmmm


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