Corny: Greek Bar with Banana

This is bananas

Reviewed by Matty

July 16, 2019


Went to Santorini, Greece.
Found this “Corny Big” candy bar.
The name made me giggle.

More like a half chocolate bar.
Actually, maybe it’s more cereal bar. There are corn flakes in it. (Oats and wheat too.)
The bar itself is chewy, and holds together nicely. Not crumbly. It’s also thick and hefty. This is a sizable piece of candy and you get your money’s worth.

And it tastes like banana. Not just overtones, pretty strong. The flavor is like Laffy Taffy banana flavor, which I kinda like. But within a chocolate bar…tastes a little fake.

The chocolate is pedestrian. More there as a side show. Similar to the chocolate covering of a “healthy” bar — it’s there to make us feel like we’re breaking the rules.

Still, I kinda liked this thing because it’s definitely unique. Where banana is seen in gummies and of course its own sweet ‘chips’, we rarely see it in a candy bar. And for that reason, I give these a solid 3.5.

The Corny Big banana bar is actually just one flavor. The company has LOADS more. With coconut, hazelnut and cranberry sounding like bars I’d like to taste.

You know what they say: “When in Greece…”

Zolli Candy


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