Coconut Butter Cups: A Second Look

These aren't like cocoa butter SPF dude! These are candy!

We have over 1000 reviews on this site, which we started the decade before the LAST decade. So don’t crucify me for forgetting which freaking candy I’ve written about previously. Deal? It’s called age: Live with it.

I thought these Coconut Butter Cups from Evolved looked interesting on the counter of my local green grocer’s, and I probably had the same thought when I saw these – a caramel and sea salt version – which I didn’t love when I reviewed initially.

So heck, with such a streamlined “good for you” package, let’s give these another go shall we?

What a difference 3 years makes. These things are good.

Way less chalky than I remembered them, the cup is rich and smooth without being heavy. The dark chocolate is understated but cocoa-forward (jeez that sounds pretentious) and I loved how not-too-sweet these are. A great salt taste too.

Of course, you gotta love coconut to like these Evolved Coconut Cups, and I do. I could use even more of it, to be honest. I would have taken real little coconut pieces in there for example. But that’s me.

Are you on a Paleo diet? Are you vegan? Only eat organic? These are for you. (Beware if you have nut allergies.)

Lesson learned, folks: don’t always judge a book on first read.

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