Chocoretas: Mexi Candy Hint o’ Minty

Mexican mint chocolate never tasted so imported

Reviewed by Matty

August 18, 2009


I TOLD you I don’t hate Mexican candy.

You didn’t believe me but it’s true. You are right, however that I AM biased against the entire genre. It’s like how I feel about dramadies – I loved Kramer vs. Kramer, but you better supply the bong and a littany of wisecracks if you think I’m gonna sit my ass down and ‘enjoy’ more than 10 mins of Boreless in Snoozeattle.


Someone brought us a slew of Mexi sweets…I really should remember who too since it was like 6 weeks and not 6 years ago….Anyway, one of the things that came with this Latin grab bag were green little choco mints called Chocoretas.

Simply put: I Like em. They taste like dark chocolate in a hard candy shell; a thickish shell – more like what’s on Smarties candies and not so much what you find on M&Ms. These are indeed minty – not like mint ice cream, stronger than that. More like what you find in an Andies mint candy but not so posh. They are small, little round balls so you can stuff a ton in your mouth.

(Insert over-used off color remark here)


And they give you a strange feeling of being refreshing. Which weirds me out a little cuz how can “chocolate” and “refreshing” even be in the same sentence? They can’t. I call bullshit.

I literally and figuratively have no idea where you can get these if you aren’t in Mexico. Maybe here? No f-ing idea. Good luck. Maybe Mel can get them for you.


Zolli Candy


  1. Sandi McG

    discovered these while on a trip to Mexico. a favorite with my granddaughter when I brought her back Mexican junk food.

  2. Ana

    I’ve loved these ever since I was a kid! If you live close to the Mexican then you should easily ind them at a Walmart in the foreign section or in small comer shops or liquor stores :3

  3. ella

    love them bce (best candy ever) i wish you could get them in new york

  4. priscila

    yeah they are delicious
    I love them. im from monterrey and I discovered them like 6 or 7 years ago. I buy them at Liverpool or at HEB.
    and Im eating some right now xD

    visit my tumblr :3

  5. lizeth

    I’m from the border brownsville texas – matamoros tamaulipas, and I’m eating some chocoretas, i love them since i was a little girl, is so much better and is a 100% real dark chocolate and 100% real mint love them!!

  6. Jonny

    Agreed, a solid offering.

  7. greebs

    I could tell just from the picture that I would like these, and the refreshing comment makes perfect sense…it’s like the ‘Peppermint Patty’ kind of a snap, I’d guess.

    Interesting that you didn’t comment on the color of the shell — cause it looks like a sour apple or apple COLOR but obviously not flavored that way. Either way, snapadosh…


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