Charles Chocolates: Ruby Cocoa Nib Brittle Bar

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Reviewed by Matty

March 30, 2020


I am particular about my chocolate and my fruit. Chocolate and orange? No; no matter how much my British friends get nostalgia over it at Xmas. Chocolate covered strawberries? Yes please. Chocolate covered blueberries and Acai berries? Sure. But the truth is I’m not going out of my way for any of it.

Still, on my one trip out of the house this week, I stopped at a local grocer and found the Charles Chocolates Ruby Cocoa Nib Brittle Bar. The pretty color and the cool mixed in brittle made my head turn, so I procured.

Look! It’s berry and chocolate!

No. It isn’t. It’s RUBY chocolate. Haven’t heard of Ruby? Well, it’s the fourth chocolate, after Dark, Milk and White, made with Ruby cocoa beans. Introduced only three years ago with a patent from a Belgian chocolatier, the taste is berry for certain, sweet like white chocolate, and even a tad sour.

What makes this particular Ruby cocoa bar good is that brittle. Although my kids didn’t care for these – a bit too gourmet – the cocoa nibbed hard and chewy candy interlaced within the bar wasn’t too sweet, and was a nice pairing with the very creamy chocolate.

I’ll put Ruby chocolate third in the line of four: after milk and before white. I’d have loved this if it was dark chocolate.

Not a bar that you would eat a lot of, Charles’ Chocolates Ruby Brittle Nib bar is definitely novel, and as my first foray into the Ruby cocoa sensation, I think Charles’ bar is enjoyable. Give it a try.

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