Cedrinco Fruit Gele: Stop Everything, and Read.

The world of high end pate de fruit comes crashing into affordable American online candy stores. Is this a dream? If so, it's a silky, cool, tart, delightful dream that I don't want to be woken from. Ever.
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Hi, me again!  And again, I’m talking about pate de fruit, because I’m OBSESSED.  Last week we discussed a truly horrible option to avoid.  This week though?  Something I haven’t seen before.  Outstanding pate de fruit, seemingly mass produced, in an affordable bag, sold…in the US.  Peep this:


The fine folks at CandyWarehouse.com got in touch, and decided to send a few things our way, this being one of them.  I always knew that CandyWarehouse was one of the biggest if not the biggest online candy store, but in my mind, they didn’t have a lot of hard to find items.  I was sooooo wrong.

Cedrinco is an Italian company that makes several different kinds of candies-but seeing as how I’m obsessed with Pate de fruit (or fruit gele, whatever…), let’s start with these.  The first thing I love that, honestly, is crucial for this sort of candy, is 100% natural ingredients.  These are about fruit- real, excellent fruit flavor.  I suppose artificial flavors could work in theory, but for my money, I want to taste the essence of the fruit.  That’s where my money is going.  It’s all about levels of subtlety with these things.


Individually wrapped?  Clearly, I did something right in life to deserve pate de fruit on the go.  This bag had 5 flavors: peach, lemon, grape, orange and strawberry.  And let me just save you some drama: they’re freaking outstanding.


Dense.  Let’s start there.  Firm, dense large cubes, coated with crunchy sugar.  I savor these things, so I split them in half and viola, I’ve doubled my candy haul.  You start out with the dry sugar coating, and again, a firm consistency inside.  You can simply suck on it and let it break down, or go to town on the silky smooth texture.  Either way, you start to uncover the heroic fruit flavor, bursting with tang and presence.   One really nice byproduct is that, when you’re chewing, the sugar crystals really give you an outstanding crunch.  I don’t know what kind of sugar is used, but it’s a gem.


Honestly, I was skeptical about these, as most pate de fruit I’ve come across is chic, boutique, and most importantly, expensive.  I thought that was just the way it is.  But these?  Five bucks a bag.  FIVE DOLLARS, DAMN IT!


So..for five bucks I can get a latte.  Or a shit beer on tap at happy hour.  Or maybe big burger at a horrible fast food joint.  Conversely, I could get a bag of these delicious high end treats.  Not much of a decision, honestly.

For anyone out there still listening to my waxing on about pate de fruit, you need to check these out.  They’re good enough that Mrs. Guru begrudgingly agreed that they were “pretty good” (she doesn’t like pate de fruit).  That says something.

These are my latest “Editor’s Choice”, and I guarantee I’ll be buying them again for the ones I love: my son and me.  No one else gets them, as i  don’t want to cut too depep into the world’s supply.  Ya know, it might make it harder for me to get.

Click the link below and seriously-grab a few bags- the high end life is apparently ours for the taking!



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