Cavendish & Harvey Strawberry Drops

Don't call it old people candy just because it isn't "fun"

Reviewed by Matty

February 2, 2021


I gotta confession to make: I am ageist when it comes to candy.

When sweets comes in a tin like this, I assume they are for old people.

Cavendish & Harvey Strawberry Drops tin

When I open the package and I see this, I think, ‘I’ll have one to make gramma happy and then I’m done.’

Strawberry drops in powdered sugar, in the tin

Perhaps it’s the faux gold packaging tin. Maybe it’s the company name, which sounds like a furniture store. It could be the powdered sugar* surrounding the pieces. Not sure. But it all feels very un-youthful. Very not so fun.

*Most often when you see this white powder around hard candy, it’s corn starch. Many sweets are made in ‘molds’ of corn starch. Yet, with these Strawberry drops it’s definitely powdered sugar. And I liked it.

I started in on these drops (about the size of U.S. quarter but at least a half inch thick) and surprise surprise, I immediately liked. The powdered sugar gave them a quick sweetness to go along with a very strawberry-forward flavor — I didn’t need to wait any time for the taste to kick in.

After sucking about a minute I decided to bite into the Cavendish & Harvey drops and I had no idea there was a soft center. (Of course…IF I HAD READ THE PACKAGE FIRST I WOULD HAVE KNOWN. Duh.) It was gooey, not too sweet either, and made the remaining eating experience more of a chew. It was fun to eat and I wanted more.

Strawberry drops, one half eaten

Lo and behold here we are about a week later and I’m almost through the entire package. Didn’t throw them out. Didn’t want to give too many away.

So I apologize to the law firm of Cavendish and Harvey: your Strawberry drops are darned good. And if my gramma had them, I would have arm wrestled her for more and I would have won.

Zolli Candy


  1. Squeeb

    So is enjoying something like this basically a milestone in life? A milestone towards being an elder of society, maybe?

    I wouldn’t have like these when I was a kid, but I do think I’d enjoy them now. I’ll have to be on the look out.

    Also, I’m enjoying blog so far and glad I finally found a candy blog with posts made so recently!

    • Matty

      Yes, I think liking the old people looking candy is just one more step towards… enlightenment?

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Matty

    I resemble this remark.

  3. greebs

    Here’s the twist – they ARE for old people! And you are an old person!

    It’s okay. Acceptance is important.


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