Cavendish & Harvey Filled Caramel Drops

our second taste of Cavendish & Harvey this year!

Reviewed by Jonny

July 16, 2020


We tried the outstanding peach & raspberry drops from C&H earlier this year and absolutely loved them. These are from the same line, but instead of fruit, we get caramel this time.

Just like the peach & raspberry drops, these are filled hard candies. I really liked these, because there was a subtle difference in flavor that I really got into. I think it’s that there’s a very low level salt hint that’s there just to bring out the caramel notes, and it really works.


They’re relatively thick, meaning you can enjoy it as a hard candy for quite a while before your teeth betray you and insist on biting into the shell. If you do that too early, the shell will crunch into hard big pieces. but if you wait just a bit longer, the shell will have broken down a bit, and the whole thing turns into a chewy delight.

I was trying to compare these to another more available caramel candy, but there’s absolutely nothing like this. Not in consistency, not in flavor. And while I’m sure the rest of C&H’s line is amazing, I’m now hooked on the filled drops. Not filled? Not super interested. Again, I bet they’re great hard candies, but the filled center is what makes these special.

But is caramel candy vegan? That’s what you’re asking. Someone’s asking that.

Look, even if no one’s asking that, the answer still is a bit surprising: I think we all kinda assume that caramel has milk in it, but it doesn’t. And the ingredients for these are actually a bit interesting: all colors and flavors derived from nature-nothing artificial. And no milk IN it, but apparently there can be trace amounts of it found in it which is referring to cross contamination. So while the answer is “yes, they’re vegan”, just know you might be getting some accidental leche up in there.

These filled drops from C&H are really super high quality. The ingredients are natural, the presentation is classy, and the confectioner’s sugar to keep them super dry is a nice touch. I loved these, and I can’t see how everyone else wouldn’t.

Check the link below for a decent deal on a 2 pack.

Zolli Candy


  1. mikeUK

    these are greeaaat. the filled strawberry ones aere just as good if not better. the whole line is pretty freaktastic. Sour cherry is a bit generic/medicinal though imo.

  2. Susie

    I just knew you would love them!

    • Jonny

      You know me too well!


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