Peach & Raspberry Drops From Heaven

Finally, we know what raspberry actually tastes like!

Reviewed by Jonny

March 3, 2020


Raise your hand if you tolerate hard candy. If there’s 10 of you in a room, odds are that maybe 3 of you have your hands in the air. So right off the bat, this review might alienate the majority, unless they’re brave. Unless they can handle the idea of perhaps, just maybe not having all the information yet.

Take a look at this can. It’s VERY large, fwiw.

Cavendish & Harvey make a pretty broad line of hard candies. This though, being a special edition, is a little different: the candies are filled. You know what I’m talking about: like those little strawberry candies Grandmama had in the bowl? These are like that, but needless to say, elevated.

Quite elevated.

Dusted with confectioners sugar so as to not ever get sticky, these appear pretty generic. But the flavors are so on point, it’s almost disarming. The peach was the first to grab me-it’s a great peach flavor. But the raspberry’s faithful flavor really surprised me- I had to look at the can to see what flavor it was until I realized: of course! This is actually what raspberries taste like, unlike the pummeling of “blue raspberry” we’ve been absorbing for decades.

Once you’re about halfway through sucking these bad boys to the bone, you can feel that it might have some softness inside. Sure enough, it does, and that center is tasty too. It’s fun cracking through to the soft forbidden center. There’s not a lot of “goo” in there, and some folks might find the experience sticky, but to them I say feh. FEH! It’s great.

But all of this might be for nothing if you’re a hard candy hater. If that’s you…I double dog DARE you to pick some up. And if you’re the candy fan that’s open to hards, well then look no further.

These are great. I checked their other offerings, and almost all of them are unfilled, so grab these special drops of fruit mana while you can!

Zolli Candy

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  1. Anonymous

    there are strawberry filled ones, and caramel werther-style filled with chocolate. These candies are frikkin killer.


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