Catch Bar: not sure why

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Reviewed by Matty

January 5, 2021


I love the Irish. I love Ireland. I love St. Patrick’s Day. I love Guiness.

Turns out the Irish (well, not ALL of them; someone in Ireland of course) make a chocolate bar called Catch, too.

Catch chocolate bar package

The simplicity of the package makes me think of UK chocolate, which I am fond of, and thus was semi-pumped to try the Catch.

Catch chocolate bar

Good looking bar. Made me want to bite into it.

It’s essentially a Crunch Bar on the outside: rice crispies in milk chocolate. On the inside is caramel maybe? It’s not as soft as the caramel in a Milky Way, but it’s likely sugar, heated up a lot… Let’s call it a dense nougat. The chocolate though – eeks. Pedestrian. There’s almost no flavor here. It’s very non-descript.

Not sure why you would go out of your way to find and eat this bar. Maybe you’re nostalgic for when you ate them as a kid? Maybe you like its girth? It’s a pretty big bar, about the size of a Baby Ruth. Maybe you like general sweets and don’t care about flavor?

These aren’t for me. When I consume calories, I want to either get high or be wowed. The Catch bar did neither.

Zolli Candy


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