Candy Jar: Does a Good User Experience Make Candy Taste Better?

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Reviewed by Matty

May 3, 2016


We do two things on this site: review candy and chuckle at our own very witty repartee. You could argue we don’t do either very well. Alas, today we’re breaking out of said mold. No, the humor will still be here (ahem) but instead of reviewing candy, we’re reviewing a candy store. Not just any ol’ store, but an online one.

Now this is the internet; you can start a storefront even if you’re selling your old Nintendo Cube and don’t have a website (ebay anyone?). But if you get a bug up yr butt to take on Amazon, Etsy and the 1000’s of other “ecommerce” machines out there, well then you better have either amazing products that no one can get anywhere else, or your online experience better be like a pepperoni pizza with jalapeños after 3 beers on a Friday night watching playoff basketball: Really good.

I think we may have found something special at The Candy Jar.

Most ecommerce web sites are the same. You search for things and you add to a cart, then you check out and decide on shipping and how you’ll pay and then finally you wait for your goods to arrive. But the Candy Jar does a clever little side step to the tried and true: instead of just letting you flounder all over the site in the hopes you find something you like, they offer up big picture of great looking candy – boxless. So you don’t get stopped or even stumped by packaging, you start with your gut: ‘what looks good to eat.’


Another thing that’s good, The Candy Jar suggests a finite amount to buy. Putting a cap on the amount you can buy might at first seem the opposite of what a purveyor should suggest. And of course you can buy as much as you want, but the Candy Jar literally sells jars of candy, and your default size is that jar. You can fill that jar with up to 8 scoops of your favorite sweets. Having this sandbox to play in is cool. It actually felt freeing: “i’m gonna try these cow tales again. Ripe watermelon gummy bears? Ok. Sour belts? I’ll take 2 kinds please. Oh and I still have 4 more scoops? Well bring. It. On.”

After you’ve added your scoops, you add shipping ($5 flat rate, to arrive in 1-3 days, which I also like. Again, little to no thinking) and decide whether you will buy another glass jar, or save the cash if you still have the one you bought previously. Finally, you can subscribe. Every month they send you what you want, plus an extra scoop. Good stuff.

Here’s what a bunch of candy looks like in the jar when it arrives.


This is the jar with the candy. The jar is on its size. This is like candy art jar.


You work at a desk and when people come by you wish you had something to offer them? Perhaps you just want something to nosh. Maybe you need to get yourself a gift for Mom’s Day? Go to the Candy Jar. Buy. Eat. Give. Trade. Subscribe.

Oh and the ripe watermelon gummy bears? Good. Worth it. Good chew. Sweet, like candy.

Zolli Candy


  1. Jocelyn

    The minute I have money to spare, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna place an order with them. I just looked at everything they have and made my “dream jar” lol

  2. *LyndiLou*

    My family and I have tried Candy Jar and we also loved it! Fun review of a fantastic, fun and yummy company! 🙂


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