Candy Galaxy Does Good. Still, Buy the Haribo

The folks at Candy Galaxy contacted us to let us know they are now in business, and sent along a few gifts to prove it. (Thanks Candy Galaxy!) One of which I liked, and one of which I think we can let all the rubes who didn’t read this review, buy in our stead.

Good to buy:

Didn’t love these:

Let’s start with the good shall we?

Opening the plastic jar and a nice, fresh fruity aroma wafts through the air. Made me want to immediately try. Plus, they look like big versions of the Haribo mini rainbow frogs, and you know how we feel about those. Haribo, AFAIK, only makes mini versions so seeing them all big and shit was like a little gift from the sweet gods. The flavors were all unique though not necessarily discernible. Orange was orange for sure. Green was likely apple, and blue something like fake berry something. Red had to be cherry and yellow was definitely lemon. Ope the lid, leave out (or even better, fridge them) and you got yourself some nice-sized chewy frogs. They aren’t as good as Haribo mini frogs, but they’ll do fine. And if you want the Haribo mini frogs, Candy Galaxy has those too.

Now these egg-looking pancake candies…

…start off not so good. Opening the plastic jar provides a semi-vomitous odor – simply too much sweetness with some kind of non-descript vanilla fruity smell. Someone smarter than me once said we first eat with our eyes; I’d like to amend this and say we first eat with our shnozzes, and my shnozz says of these egg gummies – “eh…no thanks.” Once I bit into one, it wasn’t so bad. Again, kind of a general non-flavored gummy, but the initial smell never wore off enough for me to want to ever jump in again.

I say skip the eggs, buy the frogs, and really – if you want the best gummies from Candy Galaxy, simply jump to the Haribo part of the store.

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