Cadbury Twirl: Intense Chocolate Hit

Intense isn't a word I would ever use with chocolate

Reviewed by Matty

October 3, 2017


Not sure I would call these an “Intense Chocolate Hit.” Yes this review’s title says it, but I got it off the side of the Cadbury Twirl package.

I do like Cadbury chocolate. Even after they got bought by Kraft and then after that, split under the subsidiary Mondelēz International. I hope they didn’t destroy too many lives by firing loads of people from the UK-based factories, because the chocolate (to me at least) is still solid.

The Twirl is like the Cadbury Flake, its layered with air between folds of milk chocolate. In fact, it seemed so much like the Flake that I thought it was the Flake. I like the Flake. I won’t apologize for liking the Flake. The Twirl, like the Flake, is thick but light. And when you bite into it, it falls apart. The milk chocolate is creamy and tasty – not a run of the mill bar.

But I”m not sure I would call it “Intense.” Intense is the movie “28 Days Later“. Intense is Hurricane Irma. And on the candy front, I’d say ‘intense’ is this super salty licorice.

Still the Cadbury Twirl is very good, perfect for people who want straight up thick but light “feeling” milk chocolate without a lot of fuss.

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  1. Suzy

    Agreed 100%. I don’t get why there’s Flake AND Twirl.


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