Cadbury Pinky Bar: New Zealand’s Take on Rocky Road, Kinda

It's Pink. It's big-ish. It's not berry. It's from The Zeal.

Reviewed by Matty

April 11, 2016


Honestly I had no idea that a company as big as Cadbury would make a bar just for New Zealand. That’s so nice of them.

Not like New Zealand is small or not worth it, I’m not saying that. It’s just strange that a candy company would make a bar and only sell it in one place. Did they do some market research and the Australians said “hey we’ll never eat that. Don’t even THINK about bringing that shit to THIS island.”

Whatever the reason, the Cadbury Pinky bar is for the New Zealanders and I think by the New Zealanders.


Here’s the skinny on Pinky:

It’s marshmallow. Pink marshmallow, surrounded by a light coating of milk chocolate and inside a very thin layer of caramel. You might think the pink mallow would be berry flavored but it isn’t. At all. No cherry nothing.

(Did I f-up this bar a little because I put it in the fridge? When I took it out, it was sticky and gooey. The chocolate covering was crumbly, and I heard from our New Zealander friends that the cool temp may have been the culprit. The chocolate was fine for me though, and the gooey-ness I didn’t mind.)

+1 for bar size; basically the same as a Charleston Chew. In fact, I was kind of thinking/hoping/expecting it would be like that. Uh uh — much softer. The mallow is very marshy, and not “foamy” squishy, like German gummies. So maybe Jonny will like these. Not a ton of flavor though.


But why are they pink? Kinda confusing.
And why aren’t they available in other English-speaking countries? Kinda trippy.

The Pinky isn’t bad, it’s just not that great. I wouldn’t buy it. Of course…that might be because I once had fifteen 3 Musketeer bars when I was 5 and puked everywhere and now I shy away from the all-nougat confections.

If I were you, and I’m not, but if I was, and I reallllllly wanted a confection that New Zealanders eat, I’d get a Tim Tam. Now THOSE are amazing. I should have reviewed those.

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