Bubs Salt Skalle (Salty Skulls)

Another great skull and from Sweden, this one continues the tradition & doesn't disappoint

Reviewed by Jonny

September 10, 2016

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More Swedish skulls!  This time, the salty licorice kind-Salmiak:


I’ll never NOT see Bart Simpson on the face of these skulls.  And I like that!  But look to the left side of the bag, into the see through part: see how salty those skulls looks?  Brace yourselves.


The same size as the various small Bubs skulls we recently reviewed, this kind is straight up salty licorice.  And man, are they salty.  Like…potentially over the top salty.  To make a distinction: some salty licorice has a strong ammonia scent-these do not, at all.  They’re a very sweet, nice licorice that just happens to have an extremely salty start.  As you chew it, the finish is far less salty.


I dig these.  But then again, I dig salty licorice.  The one thing I’d say though, is that if you’re an entry level Salmiak person, I wouldn’t start with these.  However, if you’re a card carrying Salmiak lover, then these definitely should be in your world.  They still don’t come CLOSE to being “too” salty, like some of the offerings we tried from Mean Black Fox Licorice, so don’t be too scared.  Those are expert level shit.

The Swedes get it, and these are no exception to that candy rule.  Click the link below and check them out.

Zolli Candy


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