Mean Black Fox “Try & Cry” Licorice Salty Blend

If you're the kind of person that prefers red "licorice", then....this mix likely isn't for you.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 15, 2015



We know the folks at Mean Black Fox.  They’re funny.  They’re the ones who put this label on their licorice after I deemed this particular variety “Patriotic as Fu*k”:


So yeah, they get it.  Also?  they sell amazing varieties of licorice-REAL actual BLACK licorice-and now they have a new one: Try & Cry:


Yes, it’s the holy grail of licorice, the salty blend.  The back of the bag is no joke either:


And it is.  Not everyone likes licorice.  And of those folk, not all of them like salty licorice.  This variety isn’t for entry level eaters, it’s for serious licorice fans, because….shit’s gonna get intense.


Oh hi!  Here’s the 8 kinds of licorice in the bag:


From top left to right:

Saltskallar from Sweden – Soft, medium-high salt.  Kind of middle of the road.

Salta Twins from Sweden – an extra salty take on the half licorice/half gummy candy.  Really good, delicious apple & strawberry flavors.

Peberlinser from Denmark – crispy candy coating, faint hint of salt.  Super delicious.

Salt Bomber from Denmark – had, chewy, light hint of ammonia (familiar to licorice fans). Nice salt level.

Fortisal from The Netherlands – hard, dense.  Lots of chew fun here, medium salt amount.  Love these.

Bottom row:

Salmiak Bitar from Iceland – holy shit.  Wow.  this is over the top salty.  There’s a soft cool center but dayum.  Wow.

Lakkris Djollar from Iceland – whoah.  This one is brutal.  Even just touching the tip of it to your tongue, you’re overloaded with salt.  I thought I couldn’t handle it, but actually, once you get used to the salt, it’s really very tasty.  Shocking at first, but I actually ended up liking it.

Salmiak Mata from Finland – this has molasses notes in spades, light salt, soft chew. I’m not a huge molasses guy, so not my favorite.

Salmiakkiruttu from Finland – nice gummy-like chew, light salt.  Very munchable.

Dubblezout from he Netherlands – soft gummy chew, very salty.  Almost like there’s double the salt wait what?

This is a pretty awesome salty licorice variety.  It’s for fans of the variety for sure, but I could also see some newbie licorice eaters discovering some new favorites as well.  For me personally, I like the Salmiakkiruttu, Salta Twins, Peberlinser, and…I can’t believe I’m saying this, the saltiest of the bunch, the Lakkris Djollar.

One note about Mean Black Fox.  Obviously, they have a sense of humor.  But as I read the back of this bag, I couldn’t help but feel a bit threatened.


WE’RE supposed to be the funny candy guys on the web, damn it.  Truth is though, as long as we get to try your insane licorice varieties from time to time, I suppose we’ll allow it.  For now.
Seriously though, click the link below and get yourself one of these huge bags.  You’re not going to find this variety anywhere else.  And if you do buy it, you can officially say that you have your own personal licorice curator.

Zolli Candy


  1. Edward Doughty

    Hi my partner really likes your salty liquorice. Are you still trading

    • Matty

      We only tell people what we like, we don’t sell directly.

      • Tom

        the mean black fox website no longer exists. Does anyone know where to get these or if you even can?

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