Bronhi Original: A Toffee Breath Mint?

The Croats made some toffee and it's a bit surprising.

Reviewed by Matty

May 18, 2016


I didn’t do any homework before starting this review. I took a few pics and then dove right into the candy. Call me pleasantly surprised.


The package says “Toffee with herb extracts” and I didn’t know what to assume that would mean.
English toffee with a super sweet yet salty taste?

Also, I think of toffee as a hard candy. Not sure why. But I assumed these Bronhi originals we’re like a hard coffee candy.

Incorrect sir!


These Bronhi Toffees are soft – not taffy soft, but like 5x softer than a Starburst. You could squish it in your fingers. And it’s not coffee-ish or molasses-y either. But they are herb-y. And by that I mean licorice. They have a menthol licorice undertone – actually, it’s an overtone. It’s very much there. In fact, it defines it. This is why I was so surprised. These are like breath mint menthols. In fact, the web site says it all – “The recipe of Bronhi Original has remained unchanged: a unique blend of liquorice, fennel, anise, and other medicinal herbs with natural caramel.”


I liked a lot. But I couldn’t eat a lot of them. These are like Altoids: You eat one. You make out with your girlfriend, or a stranger, or heck even your wife. Maybe eat another and then done. These aren’t like M&M’s where you pop ’em in non-stop.

These would be a perfect after-dinner treat. Hides the garlic and acts the digestive.

Not to mention, these are from Croatia. That’s awesome. You go, Croats. Keep on toffee-ing on.

I say go forth and buy. Put out for your gramma. Your dinner guests will think you are quite worldy.

Is worldy a word?

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  1. Name

    Worldly tho

  2. Jonny

    “You go Croats!”


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