Brach’s Peanut Butter Poppins: Legacy Shmegacy. These Things are Good.

I Know I know. Brach's is candy heresy. Well not these my brother. Not these.

Reviewed by Matty

May 3, 2011


And then there’s Brach’s. (I say it like an old Wisconsin-en would say “Brats” as he’s gathering phlegm from the back of his throat.) Braaaaaaach’s – who as far as I can tell – have brainwashed Grammas the world over to push candy crap nuggets to unsuspecting kids. You know the plain-jane-all-the-same-run-o’-the-mill sweet nothings that you’ve passed over a hundred times? Yeah those same Brach’s who may have created the butterscotch morsels that I snuck from my Bubbie’s livingroom and actually loved dearly but Only because they were the scraps of candy that I could get my dirty little paws on. (Trust me, if I could have stolen a Crunch Bar, the orange little plastic-wrapped sugar bombs would STILL be in that flower candy dish.)

Don’t have do too much reading between the lines to know that it’s gonna take a helllllllluva lot of goodness from a Brach sweet to make me WANT to try whatever they’re pawning.

And so – we take pause. Forsooth, I have found a Brach wonder. A something I may indeed seek out on my own from the weird 5 and 10 stores and the eerie candy gift shops in the sad and grotesque Highway 5 restaurants in the middle of my glorious Golden State.

I present to you: Brach’s Peanut Butter Poppins.

Sure Reese’s gets all the credit for putting peanut butter and chocolate together, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only recipe to eat. These shiny little chocolate balls filled with sweet peanut butter are grabtastic. And they don’t taste like Reese’s cups, Reese’s pieces, nor any other small PB&C morsel. At first you might think these have a M&M type shell, but nay – these are creamy and soft, and the milk chocolate seems less lactal (yeah I made that word up) so the salt of the peanut butter shines through. There is a little crunch in there, but it’s ever so slight. All the balls are different sizes so they feel a little unique, or even homegrown. The chocolate is nothing to write home about but, as it should be, these are more about the peanut butter.

I’d give these a solid 7+. 7+ because I’d buy again. 7+ because everyone in the house liked them and wanted to finish the bag before I could review. 7+ because on the Brach’s web site, they actually include the following FAQ: “I mostly eat Brach’s during the holidays. When are some other good times to eat it?”

One thing to note is that I have no idea where you get these. I can’t find them online anywhere and the press release says they are in market but not where. If you find them, let us know.



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  1. Matty

    Walmart? I’ve heard of them! Thanks JamineinMN

  2. JamieinMN

    I found a bag at Walmart for $1.87? I think. Anywho, OMG are they delicious!!!!!!!! And they have a few different kinds too.

  3. luke

    holy crapola! i cant believe brach’s made a candy worth trying. if you think that packaging is 1985 try and remember thier actual 1985 packaging, or 1995 for that matter. the chocolate isnt anything to write home about? haha, the bag reads, “our best chocolate ever”.

  4. Wordyless

    Actually, the package design is new. They recently changed to this – lovely design.
    I LOVE their Maple Nut Goodies. They are the best candy…um…almost ever.

  5. Matty

    Yeah…maybe next time they won’t skimp on package design…

  6. Jonny

    I should have grabbed some of these before handing them off, they sound good. A couple thoughts though – that FAQ iss the best thing I’ve ever read. I REALLY need to know if that’s bullshit, or if Brachs was inundated with people asking that same question, so they felt it wise to put in their FAQ. Genius.

    Second, the bag is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. If these weren’t made in 1985, they sure as hell look like they were.

  7. greebs

    You had me with “Salt in the peanut butter shines through” — that’s the big mistake non-Reeses folks make…the key to the original cup is the saltiness of the peanut butter. So, I’m game for these. Plus, the packaging is hella old-school …


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