Bissinger’s Apricot Green Team Gummy Pandas: We found Ourselves a Winner

Apricot and Green Tea are like dreams smothered with fantasies mixed into a pot of day-offs

Reviewed by Matty

April 18, 2016


Great things rarely happen in airports. Sure, there are wonderful reunions of family or lovers, and when your plane travel is error-free and on-time, it’s always notable. But no one is writing blog posts about the awesome experience they had at Terminal 2 in SFO.

Except this guy. Right now

Backstory: I’m on my way to San Diego for the Social Media Marketing World 2016 conference, which I was actually looking forward to. After security line, I remembered that I had a review to write and I had no candy. TL;DR I bought some in the Virgin America (just bought by Alaska and I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT) terminal candy store (which is actually kinda impressive) and now I’m eating perhaps my favorite gummie bear that isn’t Haribo.

Yes you read that right.


Bissignger, a fine chocolatier, appears to have come out of nowhere and wowed the crap out of me.


Here’s what’s to dig:

  • The flavor is great. I could use a bit more green tea but that’s what green tea does – it lays low; I know that going in. But the apricot is first rate.
  • The taste is real and natural, and whodathunk – they are. Organic, with no high fructose corn syrup.
  • They are chewy. Not like I want from an aged gummy of course, but out of the bag these Bissigner’s have a pretty solid toughness to them; unique, compared to what you normally get with natural candies.

BissApTea2Here’s where they can improve:

  • I’ll take more. I ate the bag in like, oh, 13 seconds.
  • I’ll take them bigger. They are the size of our smallest American coin. I ate like 15 at once and I could have packed a few more in my mouth.
  • I’ll take them cheaper. Of course, you get what you pay for. Sometimes cheap candy is just that.

My work friend said her kid doesn’t eat candy but he eats these. Put aside the awkwardness we all feel when someone mentions a kid who doesn’t like candy. But still. That says a lot. She also says she gets them for him at Starbucks, so you can probably find them on just about any street corner in town.

It sounds like your next Grande Mocha half caf/half decaf low fat Machiatto frap with extra whip is coming with a side of Bissinger’s!

Try em.
You’ll thank me for it.

Zolli Candy


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