Bianco al Limone: White Chocolate from Sorrento TDF

White chocolate is weak. Add the best lemon flavor ever though and suddenly it's lovely.

Reviewed by Matty

August 2, 2016


I guess now would be as good a time as any to ask, since I don’t think we’ve ever posed this question to you: How do you feel about us reviewing candy that you can’t get very easily?

  • Annoying?
  • Charming?
  • Lazy?
  • Alarming?
  • Stupid?
  • Clever?

No matter what you think, this review stands firmly in the “not sure you’ll want to read about this since you’re not going to Italy anytime soon” camp. (HOWEVS, it looks like you may be able to procure online.. Read on.)

So I’m doing what middle class white people do and that’s travel to Europe a few times in their lives. This was the first trip with the kids, and we went to the Amalfi Coast, which according to Lonely Planet is ‘seductive and beautiful.’ I concur. Totally gorgeous. Ridiculously awesome. The historic towns/cities are on hillsides that reach down to the perfectly-temperatured Mediterranean sea. Add in great food and nice people, bikinis and a wonderfully slowed-down pace of life, and you got what I like to call “a fucking great vacation.”

They also got lemons there. LOADS of lemons. The pool at our hotel in Sorrento (a great one, the Antiche Mura) was surrounded by trees of lemons the size of Nerf footballs. They serve them with pasta, as Granitas (think Slurpee) in cocktails, they make them into liqueur (Limoncella) etc. And these lemons are damned good so as expected they use them in candy too.

I decided to go after some white chocolate with lemons.


For one, I don’t really like white chocolate. Similar texture to chocolate but creamier, less flavorful and way sweeter – just not my thing usually. But, I wondered, could the lemons of Sorrento make the white chocolate better?

The answer is yes.

Forgive my crude pictures, but you can see from the packaging that this thing was made somewhere nearby. The “Sorrento” (a city at the gateway to Amalfi Coast) looks pasted on. And they sure didn’t spend loads of money on ink to make a super colorful, eye-catching wrapper. I like where this is heading.


The white chocolate is yellow, and indeed creamy and sweet. The texture just like a milk chocolate would be, but the lemon taste is so forefront. Almost zesty and pure. This isn’t a ‘flavoring’, it’s got to be distilled lemon juice right in the confection. It makes it super good, and very difficult to just eat one piece. This bar would get a straight up 5 stars if I liked white chocolate more.

Dammit, I should have brought more home.

Luckily, it looks like these can be procured online. They are made by Mario Gallucci company out of Naples (about an hour from the Amalfi Coast) and this particular site appears to sell a version of the Sorrento bar. Even in milk and dark chocolate versions…hmm…

Trust me. Get this. If you like lemon. And you have good taste. And want to support the people of Italy. Because Italy rules.

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  1. Sheila

    I’m searching to buy this also!!!

  2. Linda Anderson

    I was in Italy years ago and I bought this white chocolate with limone. I so very much want to buy more. Please let me know how I can by somef

    • Linda anderson

      I so want to purchase white chocolate with lamone

      • matty

        Me too. Alas, i think we need to quite literally go to Italy for these. darnit.


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