BEAUTY Sweeties: Natural Gummies Taste Unnaturally Good

They're real and they're spectacular.

Reviewed by Matty

December 13, 2016


Usually with “natural” gummies, I give up a little of what I love gummies for. “Natural” isn’t just a lack of artificial flavors (which … shh …I often like), it means no weird dyes and/or no strange gelatins. It also tends to mean a softer chew and a more stringy, jelly-like candy. Blech.

Say hello to BEAUTY Sweeties.

These little things caught me off guard. I was expecting crappy soft gummies, per my argument above. But these had a good chew to them. I had to check the ingredients – any gelatin in here? ok yes, there is gelatin. Phew. These may be natural but they ain’t vegetarian.

(Although probably not always true, I feel like many American candy makers use “natural” to sometimes means no meat products. No one wants to eat “Vegetarian Candy”. But “Natural Candy” sounds downright healthy.)

Texture and chew is great with BEAUTY Sweeties and the flavor is good too. Maybe not as true-to-life as other natural candies, but pomegranate and raspberry is a good tandem and these have nice overtones of both.

The package screams these are a good-for-you sweet. They have colagen in them and aloe vera. Colagen comes from bones, and makes gelatin as well. It’s a complex protein that I think is supposed to be good for hair and complexion. Aloe Vera isn’t just for sun protection, it also helps with digestion and your immune system.

Looking closer at the package, I see these are made in Germany — no wonder the gummy is good. Interesting the entire package is in English…

TL;DR – these German gummies look like they were made in a small batch Venice Beach California factory, and have a solid fruity flavor, with real fruit pieces; although labeled “natural” and you’d think they’d be kinda lame, they’re actually like a true old school gummy.

Good for you German BEAUTY Sweetie makers. These are buyable and utterly eatable.

Zolli Candy


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  2. Ankhiluun

    Hi how to get Mongolian ?

  3. hans

    Warning !!! Bullshit sweets. You eat 4 or 5 and you get so much gas that you think you gona die..

    Later i found a little sentenca saying 5 pieces can …. blablablabla

    imagine your kids get this much pain and i had only 5 pieces

    I hope somebody will sue this fucking company


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